Working As A Customer Service Representative At Sprint In Oklahoma City, OK

In honor of Evil Week, we're switching up the Hive Five a bit. Again, if AT&T's prices are out of the park, or their plans just don't work for you, there isn't too much we can do to help. So now they want me to drive 40 min to the store, and ask them to get into a closed account and make changes that I'm pretty sure customer service has to make anyways.

Both carriers have come to a roaming agreement, where customers will jump onto the T-Mobile network if Sprint's network is unavailable (and vice versa). However, most monthly service agreements and device financing plans will require a credit check. I have never been mistreated and told out right lies to by any other mobile phone company that I have dealt with.

T-Mobile and Sprint sell their airwaves to smaller wireless carriers that also serve low-income and budget-conscious customers, and a merger could hurt those carriers' ability to negotiate for lower prices, said Stephen Stokols, chief executive of FreedomPop, which offers a free phone plan and uses Sprint's network.

We travel to Greece yearly and stay a month, and previous years had used Verizon service and it worked fine, but was very expensive. Most of the unhappy customers would switch to another service if it weren't for this huge switching penalty. While it's not quite as fast or widely available as AT&T or Verizon, it's a strong competitor for anyone looking for a good family plan: Sprint's introductory offer for its Unlimited Plus plan is $22 a month per line for five lines.

Both AT&T and Verizon start throttling data for their unlimited plans at 22 GB (Note: Verizon's Above Unlimited Plan doesn't start throttling data until you exceed 75 GB). Sprint Open World: All new sprint plans include unlimited talk and text in Canada, Mexico and many Latin American countries at no additional charge.

Sprint customer service has gotten terrible over the years. Phone came today wife wanted, informed me to go to Sprint Corporate Store, for a new SIM card for my phone, when I got there as requested, I gave my Drivers License. Sprint, and other similar service and utility types of companies, do have customers that are unreasonable, obnoxious, and costly.

I have 6 phones on my account and I can guarantee you that at the first opportunity, I will be leaving Sprint and so will all my family members. Not one customer service rep did what they told me they would do. The worst company I have ever dealt with. T-Mobile is the smallest of the major US carriers, and as such most of your concerns about them revolve again around coverage, availability, dropped calls, no data, and other infrastructure-related issues.

If you prefer a prepaid plan, Sprint still gives you a prepaid option with unlimited text and data, or a slightly cheaper prepaid plan with a data cap. But Sprint's network continues to be its undoing: It even finished behind discount carrier MetroPCS in our speed tests, making it hard to recommend Sprint when better options are available.

I probably didn't hit the 90 calls in six months mark, but if it weren't for the incredible good fortune of finally getting connected to a customer service rep and manager who would actually agree to credit my account, then I might still be calling customer service.

Maybe the contract terms and penalties for early service termination are as much of Sprint's issue cellphone as service problems or whiny customers…. Sprint's EVDO coverage here in Chicago is good, the service is fast, and Sprint will be rolling out WiMAX here next year.

I can't pay my bill on line, upgrade my service, let alone get them to tell me why I'm still under a contract for another 10 months. Talked with Julius in customer service and spent 53 minutes on the phone with him. The nation's four major phone carriers are slashing prices in a bid to attract new customers in a saturated market.

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